Week 4 Update

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

In the United States, it is estimated that thirty percent of food is wasted, which is equivalent to $48.2 billion of food (http://blog.sustainablog.org/2008/08/the-shocking-statistics-of-food-waste/). So I hope that everyone does there part to eat leftovers and reduce the amount of food wasted over this Thanksgiving.

After three weeks of attempting to not waste food, I have found that when I eat at Upper Farinon, which is one of our dining halls that is a certain cost at the door, I tend to waste more food because it is unlimited. On the other hand, when I eat at lower Farinon, which is where people pay for what they are going to eat, I don’t waste much at all. In order to stop wasting food at Upper Farinon I have taken the time to really think about what I will actually eat before putting wasteful portions on my plate.

I also have limited my trips to the grocery store, and when I do go I try to buy one large tub of yogurt instead of five small yogurts. Food packaging is another serious waste component because so much of food is inefficiently wrapped. A candy that I use to love, Mamba, was wrapped as a whole, and then each group of flavors was wrapped so that there were three separate wrapped groups when opened. Then in those three there were six individual wrapped candies. I can not get over how wasteful this is, and I hope that they alter their packaging soon.


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