Week 5 Update

After four weeks of making slight changes in my lifestyle in order to decrease my carbon footprint, I have learned a lot. Taking shorter showers and not wasting water while brushing teeth or washing faces is an easy adjustment. Not buying things in wasteful packaging is difficult for some because they are more concerned with getting their necessity then how much waste it comes in. It, in no way is difficult to make these minor changes, but the reason everyone hasn’t changed their ways is due to convenience. Many people leave their house and forget to bring reusable bags to the grocery store, yet conveniently there are plenty of wasteful bags available and no punishment for using them. Also, people tend to forget a reusable water bottle, but sure enough there are plenty of places to buy plastic water bottles. Similarly, many people would rather get coffee to go, and the amount of people that bring a reusable thermos are limited. Unfortunately, many people are very lazy and would rather have things in wasteful packaging than have to take the time to plan otherwise.

I have talked to many of my friends here at Lafayette College about how environmentally friendly they are and what they could do to change. Although, many of them do have reusable water bottles, almost all of them buy water bottles in bulk amounts for convenience. I did pressure my roommates into promising they would always recycle those bottles, but they are pretty stubborn in that they would rather keep the plastic bottles instead of an alternative method. Another problem is the amazing amount of consumerism that excites Americans in this day and age. People are obsessed with having material objects and the environment can’t keep up with this behavior. There are many things in the world that need to be changed in order to keep our planet healthy, and I think a good starting point is lowering consumerism and overconsumption in America.


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