The 6th and Final Update

Over consumption is a huge problem in America today, but unless everybody decides to contribute to using less, it is very hard for my efforts to have a strong impact. Although, I am going to still continue to use less and be as eco friendly as possible, it now comes down to spreading the word and making people want to save the world as well. In the cradle-to-cradle approach, my project would be seen as doing less bad, but not exactly doing more better. The doing ‘more better’ approach is people only using things that are completely recyclable or biodegradable. In my approach, I couldn’t commit to only using entirely recyclable things because I don’t have access to that many reusable products here on campus.

I know that my small efforts will not end global warming, but I am going to continue to do as much as I can, and try and make others help as well. The key to change is getting the word out there so I will continue to advise my parents not to buy the wasteful packaging and to turn off all the lights when they are not in the room and so forth. However, I am very curious to learn more about the cradle-to-cradle approach, and I hope in the future that approach is omnipresent. I have learned a lot about the environment and myself throughout this blog, and I hope that anyone reading this will attempt to lower their carbon footprint by using less or finding more cradle to cradle opportunities. Thank you for reading and happy holidays! Remember to buy recyclable wrapping paper and reuse!!


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